Who we are

More than 100 beautiful natural areas, castles, and rural estates in the province of Gelderland have been entrusted to the care of the Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen Foundation. With your support we are able to manage and run the Gelderland heritage so that it is available for everyone to enjoy, now and in the future.

Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen believes that nature and culture are interlinked.

  • We manage the landscape and its biodiversity.
  • We reunite the country houses and their surroundings in as far as possible.

As a result of this integrated way of managing houses, gardens, landscapes, and nature, your environment becomes a little more beautiful.

Geldersch Landschap & Kasteelen is very happy with its 42,000 dedicated supporters, over 700 volunteers, government bodies, funds and business relationships. With their support, we keep Gelderland beautiful. Would you also like to contribute? Under 'Help mee', you can read in which ways you can help us.

Download Walking tour around Hernen Castle (pdf)

Enjoying heritage

Visit one of our rural estates or natural areas. Experience the tranquillity as you walk through the Gelderland forests. Lay out your picnic blanket in the sand, between the flourishing heath. Hold your breath while you are eye to eye with a deer mother and her fawn. Be impressed by an ancient summer oak or a still older fortress. Be astonished about the luxurious lives led by the owners of a country estate. Experience your province with its scenic nature and rich past. 
All of the over 12,000 hectares of historical grounds, 35 castles, and 150 of the most beautiful spots in Gelderland are in the care of our foundations. We are also the proud owner of a museum collection consisting of 20,000 pieces, which have largely been nationally registered. 

Have a look on the map to find out more about these gems.

Explore 7 castles

The province of Gelderland boasts a treasure of castles and manors. 7 Castles welcome visitors and bring you back in time. Discover the life, architecture and art of yesteryear. 
From robust medieval castles to magnificent historic houses: see what seven centuries’ of history and domestic culture have to offer you. Step into medieval times or go back to the 18th century of noble ladies and lords. Experience the living quarters of the castles, where the former occupants could walk in any moment. Enjoy the landscaped estates. A visit to our Gelderland castles is an experience for all ages. And as a visitor you will contribute to the conservation and management of Gelderland’s nature and cultural heritage.

Explore, marvel and enjoy Gelderlands castles and estates!